Wednesday, 1 January 2020

twobeergeeks`Sheffield Pubs of the Year 2019

Happy 2020 everyone. Without further ado, here is our list of the top ten pubs around the steel city:-

10) The Waggon & Horses (NEW) – Lovely pub alongside Millhouses Park. Nice staff, good food and has a decent beer selection developed considerably over the past couple of years.

9) The Beer House (DOWN 1) – Sheffield`s best micro-pub, again close to a nice park.

8) The Brothers` Arms (NEW) – Always seems to have a great beer tucked away somewhere.

7) The White Lion (SAME) – Not been there as often as we`d like to recently but a great double act with Pour, next door. Proper community pub.

6) The Broadfield (UP 3) – A really good year for True North. Reliable selection and professional service.

5) Brewdog Sheffield (UP 5) – Great place recently revamped and reconfigured. Super convenient place for a swift third of something special and maybe a brew to takeaway too!

4) The Beer Engine (SAME) – This place sometimes seems to have an epic beer selection, making a swift half turn into half a dozen. Comfy, cool and reyt up our street.

3) Shakespeares (DOWN 2) – I know, harsh to drop two places. Shakey has carried on with a strong line-up of cask and often something really special on keg. The beer festivals and showcases have a loyal following of beery aficionados and deserve to do well.

2) The Rutland Arms (SAME) – Going great guns. They seem to have an unbelievable beer line-up and then, a couple of weeks later, even better brews land. Great to have a Kernel line always in place but brews like the porcini Pohjala one and a cognac one by the same brewers were memorable in spite of their hefty ABVs. Super staff too!

1) The Crow (NEW!) – Boom. The Crow has landed. Hopes were high when we heard that Kate and Chris were working on this brave project but they have been exceeded. This Scotland street Inn has been really well laid out and decorated, clean, comfy, cosy. With Adam at the helm, great service is in place too. Beautiful beer abounds plus many other high quality offerings too. We both love it.

# Well, whatcha think? Have to give honourable mentions to old favourites The Sheaf View and The Bar Stewards  plus we wished we could get over to the Bottom Welly more often. Jabeerwocky and the Dev Cat aren`t far off either but it is so easy to list 30 odd really good pubs around Sheffield.

Ones to watch in 2020? Early encounters at Two Thirds over on Abbeydale road and Lost Industry Tap has filled a niche and both look promising and the old giant Kelham Island Tavern is on the radar again now.


  1. Agree with the Crow. I Really Like the Blake Hotel. Feel a Trip to Millhouses Park. Is on the Horizon.

  2. There's a few on here that, for me, don't come near Hallamshire House. Especially Brewdog

  3. There's a few on here that, for me, don't come near Hallamshire House. Especially Brewdog

  4. Have to agree with your top 3 all equally excellent, maybe just rotate these 3 between top 3 places each year ����