Tuesday, 7 November 2017

twobeergeeks` Breweries A to Z (Part 1)

So, here`s the deal. A simple pub game. Take it in turns to name a brewery as you go through the alphabet. Now this might be too easy for our level of beer geekery so the brewery needs to be as local to Sheff city as is possible and we`ve attempted to add a kenning type thing to each entry to explain our perception of that brewery .No googling! Simple? Read on:-

A- ABBEYDALE (Scene stalwarts)

B - BUXTON (Hilltop heavyweights)

B - BRADFIELD & BLUE BEE (Lots Localler)

C - CLOUDWATER (Murky Mancunians)

D - DRONE VALLEY (Unsung Unstonians)

E - EXIT 33 - (Happy hoppers)
      EMMANUALES - (Ecclesiastic undertones)

F - FUGGLE BUNNY (Malt meisters)

G - GLENTWORTH (Expired excellence)

H - HOPJACKER (Honest hoppiness)

Unfined, you think?

I - IMPERIAL (Mexborough masters)

J - JEEVES (Barnsley business) (We know, a `G` in reality!)

K - KELHAM ISLAND (Founding fathers)

L - LOST INDUSTRY (Smashing sours)
      LITTLE CRITTERS (Ale ambassadors)


Only Human

Phew! Half way there.
Let us know if we have missed any so far; it`s highly likely. And wish us luck with the next 13....
*Thanks @Kate `n` Pete for amendments suggestions! x