Saturday, 13 April 2019

Henderson`s Relish (Bloody Mary Porter) - Northern Monk

Ok. This blog is on a phased-retirement / hiatus but we had to write a bit about this - A Henderson's Relish beer!!! What the actual?
Wow. Relish is an essential condiment in our house ever since moving to the Steel City a decade or so back. If we run out, it's a minor disaster on a par with running out of (Yorkshire) tea bags or loo roll. So a beer. With Hendo's. I relished (sorry) the chance to try it as it was selling out like hot cakes around Sheffield. (I grabbed mine from the excellent Dronfield Beer Stop btw).

Does what it says....

A Bloody Mary porter. Makes sense. Not too heavy on the lactose, thankfully, with a subtle but long-lasting ancho chilli and szeuchan pepper kick that is pleasant and warming for sure. I liked it but got very little Henderson's Relish from it so I added a bit more myself, which worked pretty well. I was slightly surprised that there was no mention of salt or celery in the ingredients as I'd largely attributed them to the alleged hangover cure powers of a Bloody Mary. No horseradish either. hmm.

`Made in Sheffield` - ?! errm

Did we like it? Yes. A good beer made by a very capable brewery that is reasonably faithful to the cocktail that inspired it. However, correct me if I`m wrong, it is made by Northern Monk in Leeds!!!!! Massive miss by our 20 odd Sheffield breweries and another major coup for Leeds. Scandalous. On the other hand, it's a shame that Henderson's themselves didn't insist on brewing the beer in our city but the sales of this novelty beer will be high no doubt. 
Next up, a Worcestershire sauce pale ale brewed in Hereford. Tut, tut.