Thursday, 16 January 2014

Innis and Gunn

It`s that time of year; austere ales. No money left for t`pub. Blog Xmas gifts . . . .

Innis and Gunn are well-blogged. Several sites are inundated with these Scottish specials, everyone of them a Oak-aged, spirit-infused but are they actually any good? Available in supermarkets now, they deserve investigation . . ..

I was the recipient of 3 boxed bottles from the Edinburgh experts. The trio were all pretty decent with my first sample being the `Spiced Rum Finish` which had been `matured` for 47 days and weighed in at a convenient 7.4%, just under our beloved `tramp tax`. Toffee-coloured, this one was fairly fruity and the rum was pretty subtle. Decent drop but nowt to write home about. A bit metallic, mind.

I didn`t like the Treacle Porter but, then again, I`ve never found that this beer style suit my palate - too sickly sweet. Tastes were not over-strong though despite it also being 39 days `matured` and a solid 7.4%. Next!

Probably the pick would be the big brother `Canadian Cherrywood Finish` which had a slightly bolder taste with subtle maple syrup, no doubt developed during the alleged 49 day maturation period. These beverages all come in 330ml bottles which I`m not too keen on the aesthetics of (god damn cola!?) but, at 8.3%, the size in this case was probably apt and mature! Again though, a bit metallic, dull carbonised fizz denying the full flavour. Are this lot popular stateside? Is this marketed as traditional `Limey Juice`, that we supped in the home counties whilst trying to keep our colonies civilised? I wonder; the boxes are certainly lovely depicting highlands, heather, harbours and whatnot.

I`ve not checked but I have heard that these bottles are available in Aldi, if supermarket sups are your thing. Meanwhile, Tescos have the ale anarchists (yawn!) Brew Dog and Waitrose stock Thornbridge`s craft so what`s the odds on Arbor in Asda before long or Steel City in Spar!? Anyway, I`m going to count my coppers and get off to the pub!

Scores on the supermarket doors:-
Cherry (Cola) - 7.5
Rum (Cola) - 6
Treacle (Cola) - 4

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