Friday, 11 April 2014

Great Heck Treasure IPA (4.8%) vs. Hand Drawn Monkey IPA No.1 (5%)

Now then, a few years ago it was pretty tough to get a decent IPA even in Britain`s beer capital but now it is a surprise if you visit a decent bar and they can`t offer you at least one. The Sheaf View is widely regarded as a premier league pub although it houses League 1 football fans on a regular basis (is there a better `walkable from ground` real ale boozer in t`football league?!), and it recently, and briefly, was host to two top notch IPAs. But did North Yorkshire or West Yorkshire prevail in err, South Yorkshire? (Btw, does East Yorkshire still exist or is it just pure Hull (City of Culture) now?)

Make no mistake, these two ales are Heavyweights. Both breweries consistently knock out top tier beverages from the Republic of Yorkshire. Thankfully, we get Great Heck pretty regularly in the likes of The Harlequin but Huddersfield`s HDM are rarer than a Blades` cup run… And so, both appear simultaneously just off the A61.

Great Heck are at their greatest producing hoppy hits with a pale bite and Treasure delivers just that punch. At 4.8%, it is on the milder end of the continuum of IPAs and it presents itself in a confident orange hue with a creamy off-white head. Very drinkable and bags of summer fruits; Yum.  5-a-day and then some!

The Hand Drawn Monkey IPA is a fair bit paler but still with bags of bite. The citrus lemon bitterness is complemented with a faint sweet touch which is super refreshing and well quaffable. Although `only` 5%, this ale tastes like a deeper, higher ABV,  IPA and it disappears from your pint pot pretty damn quickly. Thankfully, due to Sheaf View`s canny use of social media, we got the `heads up` about these ales in time but they disappeared quicker than a Sheff Wednesday play-off bid. The HDM brew popped up late on a Tuesday and was gone by tea-time the next day; the Sheaf View is defo a drinkers` pub and their regulars are discerning but dedicated and persistent types. Blink and you`ll miss a beer.

Hopefully, the HDM heavyweights will return but Great Heck are here to stay with Powermouse imminent in Heeley`s best boozer and, pound-for-pound, that is a difficult beer to beat!


Treasure IPA

Mike 7.5 / 10
Danny 8 / 10

IPA No.1

Mike 9 / 10
 Danny 8.5 /10

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