Saturday, 12 July 2014

Steel City Brewing - Triumphant triumvirate?

A year or so ago, bottled Steel City offerings were hen`s teeth. Since the move to Toolmakers, we have been lucky enough to have a pretty steady flow of bottled gems from Sheffield`s most creative ale smith, and local enough for twobeergeeks as they were purchased at the outstanding Hop Hideout down on Abbeydale Road.

Less haste more speed. Or is it more speed less haste? Whatever, I erred. Opening Grim Overlords straight away after they had been kindly picked up by my OH was folly, flying in the face of bottle-conditioned protocol, particularly if you know what her driving is like......This 4.9% collaboration ale with the fantastic Great Heck of err, Great Heck, was not at its best. Double doh.

The union of two of our very favourite producers ought to be a nailed-on winner but this wasn`t and I`ll take the blame. (No score given!)

Black IPAs are an oxymoron. A contradiction in terms. The quintessential dichotomy. Protz`s Pleasure was spot-on though and I`m sure that would rankle with the most fabled of British beer writers. Co-conspirer North Riding have produced some excellent beers recently and Shakespeares regularly have their latest offerings. PP arrives at a respectable 5.3% and has a surprisingly creamy head from the bottle. The malt balances well with sexy hops, which include Simcoe and Mosaic, culminating in a chewy and lingering bitter finish. 

Whilst the Black IPA is not one of my favourite styles of beer, this is certainly a very good example of it. Believe! Black IPAs do exist! (Score - 8 / 10)
I had tried the Phantom of the Hopera at the Gibraltar Street mecca but this extra / special, a Steel City reunion effort (Dave + Gazza), was what I really wanted to unmask:
Phantom Extra was lively to say the least, jumping eagerly out of the bottle! With this 6.7% IPA you get a big grapefruit hit, a foamy aromatic head and a hazy peachy appearance. The wheat malt is quite prominent and the sorachi ace, citra and mosaic hops are spectacularly showcased in a bitter fruity finish. Wow! Not subtle (which is not a Steel City-related adjective tbh) but very tasty indeed. Winner!
(Score - 8.5 /10)

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