Saturday, 16 August 2014

Farmhouse IPA (6%) - Magic Rock & Lervig

Belter in a bottle!
We like/love the IPA , that much-loved beer genre from the past year or five and you couple it with a sprinkle of the old Belgium-y Brettanomyces yeasty stuff = winner. An IPA that gets better / different the longer you leave it. In this case, it was a full 10 days, so well mature.....

Magic Rock were our brewery of the year 2013 and we`re still waiting for them to put a foot wrong this year. Neither of us buy many bottled beers but in Sheffield we are blessed to have Beer Central and Hop Hideout that are well willing to supply super sups like this one. The Rocky Hudd heroes push boundaries, vary their style and collaborate successfully. This funky effort was conceived alongside Lervig Aktiebrygerri of Norway.

Classic IPA aroma and body but with added depth. The carbonation lifts the aromatics and the taste dwells pleasantly on the palate. Definitely drinkable and does not present as a 6% monster, more a light-heavyweight that can hit with resinous pine!

Thanks for this one to Beer Central ahead of international IPA day!

Not lacking bottle ....... FARMHOUSE IPA  9 / 10.    BUY NOW!

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