Sunday, 15 March 2015

Sheffield Beer Week

How do. Just a quick blog bit to give a two beer geeks best wishes for an exciting new event coming up; Sheffield Beer Week.

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In the days leading up to SIBA X, Jules,head honcho at Hop Hideout, and Claire, who is famous for being Exposed all over Sheffield, have coordinated a whole load of beery events around our city. Here's our three not to miss:-

Monday - IPAs at Shakespeares. Hosted by convivial chaps Sean (Beer Central boss) and pub president Chris. So that's one of the most popular ale styles at our favourite pub. No-brainer.

Wednesday - Siren at The Rutland. Meet Berkshire's best brew squad and sample some of their finest wares. The last year has seen so many great ales over a broad range of styles from Siren. What's not to like?

Thursday - Great Heck at The Tap & Tankard.

Nice new Kelham Island Brewery run Cambridge Street pub , which was formerly The Sportsman offers the chance to chat to Denzil Vallance who apparently is a heck of a great bloke. Low ABV Powermouse  is one of our favourites.

For full details of Sheffield Beer Week go here.

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