Sunday, 19 April 2015

Dronfield; it`s not that bad

How do? OK we have a nice little ale amble developing over there in Dronfield, which is not that far from civilisation. Catch 43 or 44 bus or even a cheeky train trip and you`re there. Tha don't even need t'passport!

The Three Tuns is a nice pub especially if you are a fan of Spire beers. This is their tap house and it has many ales on cask. This pub also plays a central part in the forthcoming (and usually excellent) Three Valleys beer festival; there's usually plenty of food on the go and the bar gets busy, busy, busy.

A five minute meander along the A61 and you've got The Dronfield Arms. Again, this place is nice inside, sleek `n` shiny, and the ale offerings have jumped up a league level or two recently. Edd off of / out of (?!) The Bath has arrived as el gaffer so this place is now definitely worth a look. Cheers!

Two minutes away and you can get a pint at the new Dronfield Bottle Stop. There are usually a couple of cask ales available and you can sit at one of the picnic tables inside to enjoy them. When I bobbed in there was Dronfield Pale and the Wild Millionaire, the salted caramel one, on the bar; a decent double act for an offie, eh? The bottle selection itself is excellent locals and national heavyweights like Beavertown and Marble plus a smattering of overseas stars such Mikkeller `n` that.

The walk then to the esteemed Coach and Horses is a little longer, mebbe ten minutes, and so you'll need to grab a seat here and stop a little longer. Get some food too. This is the original and best Thornbridge tap house and they offer five hand-pulls plus some nice kegged stuff alongside a warm welcome from James and the team.

Sheffield and South Yorkshire have a historical habit of expanding it's borders, albeit a century or two ago, but the we could do worse than to take Dronfield under it's RePublican wing. Until then, cross-border raids are the way forward,


  1. We'll be looking to take Sheffield over, not the other way around #dronxworlddomination

  2. 1967 was the last land grab - Beighton, Mosborough and surrounding villages.
    Dronfield is a town not a suburb and not aversed to fighting off the Yorkshire menace.