Friday, 3 July 2015

Siuational Sups #3 - Drinking from the cellar at Shakey`s

Day-time drinking: Irresponsible? Reserved for holidays only? Only when abroad? The preserve of the Wetherspoons crowd? A road to ruin.......

Anyway, Monday pub crawl and what better situational sup is there than a couple of halves from the cellar at Sheffield's best pub? It's a great pub. The fact that Shakespeare's won the Sheffield Camra Pub of the Year in 2013 is still amazing considering the vested interests and the outdated criteria involved AND it keeps getting better. Sure, it may have smelly toilets ( who gives a ... ) but the selection and service here are bar none, so to speak. Chris' superb staff will even traipse to the cellar to get you tasters of future delights if you ask nicely (and it innt too busy).  Monday is  ideal therefore and henceforth, et al, etc.

Steel City is still the best brewery in Sheffield in our esteemed opinion. Sorry, the best 'brewer' what with them being cuckoo, homeless types (currently brewing from Toolmakers) amongst about 20 other brewers in our city, some good, some bad, some indifferent.... Answers on a postcard. And Shakey`s is the most likely place to get the latest releases from the capital of ale`s best brewer.

70p sarnies tough to top
Wow. Three Steel City brews in one pub!? That's like finding the fabled rocking horse shtuff, a Steel City beer festival reet there on Gibraltar Street. In this case we're talking Just What Nobody Wanted  ( a nice pale n hoppy 4.  % brew, of which I had the last half!), Incubus (a 5.0% black IPA collab with Mexborough's Imperial) and the drinkable Four Stooges joint-effort with some usual suspects..

On the bar, Shakey's has 9 handpulls ready to go with quality ales, mostly local-ish (including the much-hyped Cloudwater stuff), 3 quality kegs plus loadsa bottles from around the globe. And gin.

Shakesbeers, the beer board

Sure, situationally the Abbeydale's 4.1% Deception here is the best value pint in Town at £2.30, but that mebbe merits a blog bit in itself (here`s one we prepared earlier)!  ....,, We'll be back!

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