Thursday, 17 December 2015

twobeergeeks` Best Cosy Pubs

Straight-forward enough idea. Still Wintery out there in the Steel City; cosy pub required. Criteria simple ; decent beer and a 'cosiness' factor (a vague, subjective term), both scored out of five in our esteemed opinion, no particular order:-

The Fat Cat - opinion split here for us. Cosy sure, a fair chance that you get chatting to the folk on the next table. They could well be beer tourists from Derby or Darlo. Pub and beer 'traditional' in every sense.

Cosy - 4 Beer - 2 = 6/10

The Brothers Arms - again, opinion divided / unsure. The room with the log burner is the focus here (left of (cosy) bar) , if you get in. Better known as a Summer pub.

Cosy - 3 Beer - 3 = 6/10

Which pub is this the front door for?
Fagan's - whatever happened to Irish theme pubs? Surprise inclusion? Here your cosiness consideration needs to aim for the snug. OK, no fire but the micro-nature of this room unfailingly lends itself to cosiness even down to the doggy smell. Worth queuing up for a snug spot at number 69 for opening time.

Cosy - 4 Beer - 1.5 (Moonshine, Tetleys. .. gotta be guinness) =5.5/10

The Rutland - yeah, fair enough it is cosy and definitely deserves a mention. Can be great if you get a nice spot in there. Whilst the beer is Ponsford (i.e. top end and you`ll pay accordingly), the d├ęcor is more errr Marston`s, if you get my drift. Makeover time? So close....

Cosy - 3 Beer - 4 = 7/10

The Red Deer - Pleasantly surprised with this one. No longer a Stancil Stronghold . Great Heck tempted but Roosters won the day and a seat next to the fire was spot-on.

Cosy - 4 Beer - 3 = 7/10

The Bath Hotel - Head for the blue room. Fire? check! Comfy? Check! Beer? Check. During the visit ales included seasonal Thornbridge in Cocoa Wonderland and Baize, Arbor, Hopjacker and Black Jack. Tidy tackle. Ideal respite from the weather and shoppers outside. Grab the 'paper and make yourself comfortable. Fell in love with this place about 6 or 7 years ago when we had all that snow but the bath remained a haven.

 Cosy - 4 Beer - 4 = 8/10  WINTER WINNER!

Agree? Disagree? Let us know! These are just our opinions and therefore entirely correct.

N.B.Another to add to this list now would be........

White Lion on Chesterfield Road. Since pub regulars Jon and Mandy took over, this place has gone form strength to strength. The front half of the pub is very cosy and the beer usually includes the excellent HopJacker, really fine unfined ales.

Cosy - 4 Beer - 3 = 7/10

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