Friday, 17 February 2017

Little Critters

A Thursday afternoon schlep over to deepest, darkest Neepsend took us past brewing`s past and up to shiny new Sheffield stars Little Critters to chat to Will Inman (ex-Thornbridge) who is the main man up there. Although they`ve only being around for a year or so, Little Critters have made a great start selling plenty of product around our city but particularly at the Fox and Duck (Broomhill) as well as at Doctor`s Orders. However, Will`s beers have been spotted as far afield as Brighton and their C Monster was a great success at the Steel City Beer Festival last year.

Cannon brewery, Rutland road

Why brewing? An internship over in the states really inspired Will as he learnt all aspects of the industry under the tutelage of none other than Dave Wickett, brewing pioneer. Tasting the likes of Stone and Firestone Walker was very influential too.

Top hops? Chinook, cascade and centennial.

Favourite pubs? Hallamshire House, Sheffield Tap and BrewDog.

Favourite Thornbridge tipple? Chiron.

Dream collaboration? Already done it! (Will worked with Sierra Nevada to produce Thornbridge`s Twin Peaks. See below). Another collaboration is on the cards very shortly with Sheffield Beer Week in mind......

Future plans for Little Critters? Expansion. They are increasing capacity imminently and taking over the unit next door to them on the industrial estate.

Next trend in beer? Lager. Expensive kit though.

Big one: What can Sheffield do to capitalise on its position as real ale capital of Britain? Bottle and keg! This would facilitate Sheffield beer being more widely available around the country. It would be ideal if the local breweries clubbed together to buy a bottling unit but they are expensive and do need a lot of maintenance.

Many thanks to Will for sparing the time to chat and show us around the brewery. It will exciting to see how their plans pan out and they`re sure to be one of the stars of Sheffield Beer Week next month. Cheers!

Our review of Twin Peaks, one of our first blog bits! - HERE !

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