Thursday, 28 December 2017

twobeergeeks` Top 10 Pubs in Sheffield of 2017

Here we go again! Now then, our list is a dynamic one, subject to change, and it is the best fit for us two; although most of our opinions are pretty closely matched, there are one or two places that divide our opinion a little. The top four were pretty straight forward although exact positions were tough whereas MANY great pubs could have fallen into positions 6 through 10 but we had to choose. We cogitated and contemplated upon beer quality and selection firstly, and then the pub itself and service provided. Our scoring system is not set in stone because those three selection criteria can vary in importance so we have additional points available for whatever takes our fancy:-

1. Shakespeares (UP 1!) - Reclaims its spot at the top. Great events, consistent quality ale at Sheff-friendly prices and strong new leadership now established. Well done all!

best value beer AND food!

2= The Devonshire Cat (UP 8!) & Rutland Arms (New in Top 10)! - Both MASSIVELY improved with amazing beer (and food!) and some inventive events (Black Friday, DinoSour, etc.). Both are also similar in that the interiors are real opinion dividers and the quality of service can vary vastly.

4.  The Beer Engine (DOWN 3) - Not as consistent as some for ale quality (staff changes?) but still a great spot for the discerning drinker. We love it.

5. The Sheaf View (DOWN 1) - Super reliable. The pub for all people in all seasons.

6. The White Lion  (DOWN 1) - Beautiful boozer now featuring the country`s best management team, Jon and Mandy. Fact.

Punching above its weight?!
7. The Beer House (UP 1) - cosy, comfy, friendly and with an ever-improving ale selection.

8. The Wellington (NEW!) - what a transformation on Shalesmoor! Beautiful considered refurb with plenty of tasty beer, always including Neepsend`s newest offerings. Great work.

9. The Broadfield (NEW!) - returns to our favourite ten on the back off the always attentive staff, lush interior and a strong year on the beer front. Truly TN`s best boozer.

Abbeydale gem

10. The Old Workshop (NEW!) - what an outstanding addition to our city`s drinking scene Great to see Jason Kerr given his wings here and the future looks bright. Think quality keg, neat nibbles and a tune or two in uber stylish surroundings.

(NEW! = New place in our top 10.)                              2015 list HERE

So, two of the Birkett portfolio in our selection but none from Thornbridge this time. For what it`s worth, we reckon that there are a lot of lurkers, pubs very close to being outstanding, and there a clutch of newcomers like Guzzle, Ale Club, PUBLIC, etc that are certainly ones to watch. Also the usual footnote that we tend to drink in South West Sheff plus the city centre with occasional wander to the Kelham Island area so there are a few contenders that we rarely visit TBH. Shout up and we`ll endeavour to visit soon!

NB - As per 2015 & 2016, especial mentions to Dronfield`s double diamonds - The Coach & Horses and the Dronfield Arms. Both would have maybe been top 10 if not for their cross-border location. That is all. Peace. Mike `n` Danny x

             BREWERY OF 2017 HERE!

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