Thursday, 17 January 2013

Great Heck Brewing Powermouse 3.6% ABV

Great Heck Brewing Powermouse 3.6% ABV

A new kid on the block in the real ale scene, at least in Sheffield anyways. Originating from Goole in North Yorkshire. I've been lucky enough to sample a few beers from Great Heck over the last few months and from what I've tasted I've been impressed. This was the best of the cask beers we found on the bar at The Harlequin in Nursery Street Sheffield on a snowy afternoon last Monday.
The Powermouse, apart from having an excellent name, was a cracking drink. Very hoppy and packed full of flavour, so much so that you don't notice that its only 3.6 abv, it's the kind of beer you could drink a gallon of and still not have too much of a stagger on, on the way home.  Not sure whether this current trend for lower abv beers is down to tax and duty reasons or not but if it means we keep getting beers this good then I'm all for it. Very similar to Magic Rock's Curious in my opinion.

Danny's Rating - 7/10
Mike's Rating - 8/10

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  1. I love this trend. Brewers seem to be going all out at the moment to produce punchy ales with low ABVs and this is one of the best that I've sampled. Would still be sat there quaffing it given half the chance. Very hoppy but that's fine by me!