Saturday, 1 June 2013

Mild May!


So `Mild May` has been and gone. CAMRA launched this initiative to promote a beer-type that does not always get the recognition it deserves particularly amidst the current popularity of mega-hoppy ales, IPAs and the like. Some savvy pubs have committed to having one mild on the bar throughout May which is refreshing to see but do the beers match up?

Personally, mild was the first type of beer that I drank as a teenager (pre-University, when I converted to bitter) so maybe I was born to be mild! Of the selection that I sampled this month, Raw`s Majic was the best. It contains 7 different malts and so tasted more complex and interesting than what can be served up as mild. There is some coffee bitterness in there and, thankfully for this beer geek, it was not too sweet. Add to that, plenty of taste but at only 3.2% ABV which is quite an achievement from the Staveley brew team . To make things even better, I sampled this ale during a first visit to the The `holy` Grove in Huddersfield and it is a tremendous destination pub that I whole-heartedly recommend. I hope to revisit it again soon!

Special mention though to Great Heck`s Voodoo Mild that I enjoyed at The Harlequin and which I would select as runner-up.

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