Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Flowerpot, (Derby Day Out Pt. 1)


Now then, I must firstly state that this was the final watering hole (of many) and not the sum total of a day`s drinking over the border to the Southern countryside county of Derbyshire but what a spot The Flowerpot is!
Having nearly ended up on the train to Norwich (and Nottingham, Cloughy`s other team), we were more than happy to start our sesh in the sun-blessed beer garden of The Brunswick, a place I have happily happened upon before. This end-of-terrace boozer is big on Everard`s but the malty niff is testament to the pub`s own brewery, visibly located close to the pub`s toilets. Nice beer though, kicking off with a half of the esteemed Triple Hop. And a couple of hops was all it took to land on the Alexandra Hotel, around the corner but it`s outside space was standing room only so we stood admiring the static locomotive whilst supping a wheaty White Arse. The Castle Rock Pale was probably the better choice though.

We sensibly grabbed some grub at The Exeter Arms which is a tap for the Dancing Duck brewery and my falafel butty was a belter with some tremendous chips and affordable in this age of austerity. The Anti Pasti posters were appreciated too, at least by us discerning forty-somethings! The lovely bar staff were also rightly apologetic about the chalk board outside that had heralded, falsely, the hope of a Hand Drawn Monkey(HDM) but Derby is a long way from the Hudd. We made do with a Brown Clough or two which is an agreeable, DD Brown Ale. Half-time!

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