Saturday, 6 July 2013

The Old Queen`s Head

Dotted around Sheffield there are a few mini pub crawls that merit investigation but in the Sheaf Street area it is a tough call. A visit to The Tap is usually worthwhile and then The Ruttie isn`t far away but after that, in that area, it`s a bit of a hike to find another decent boozer. I selflessly tried.

The last time I visited The Showroom it was dry (of ale) and I wasn`t keen on The Howard although its banners proudly proclaim them as cask ale kids. Instead, I would suggest that The Old Queen`s Head is worth a visit. Boozers by bus stations are rarely the best in my experience but this one has been refurbished recently. Whilst the exterior apparently dates from 1475, the interior is clearly twenty-first century; fresh, functional and flat-screened. The menu is very affordable with lots of deals and it`s worth Czech-ing out the European twist to it! (See what I did there!).

Anyway, it`s the beer we need to focus on and I didn`t do very well. I tried the Thwaites Wainwright and Bluestone Bitter by Kite. Both were served up by the efficient barmaid in Guinness glasses (ggrrrr!) and Wainwright, whilst a lovely golden colour, is just much too sweet for my tastes. I was hopeful for the Kite brew (a micro from Llanelli) but it again was on the sweet and fruity side with a caramel niff. Both well kept but just not my `cup of tea`: A shame as I was comfortably ensconced watching Wimbledon.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by The Queen`s Head. The staff are clearly working their socks off to succeed and I would certainly pop back in, maybe for food or for some flat-screen fun.

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  1. Don't you just hate it when Beer is served in the wrong Branded Glass!