Saturday, 14 December 2013

Circus of Sour (3.5%) - Magic Rock

Maybe 2013 has been the year of the sour beer in GB. Personally, it was not a beer style that I was accustomed to until recently but there are some good uns out there. Efforts from Brodies and Wild have been blogged previously but this one is a step ahead.
Magic Rock rarely strike a bum beer note and this one fits their illustrious bill of best beers. Only 3.5% but bags of flavour. On keg at The Broady, we could have happily chomped on this for an hour or several because, although it is a sour, it is not a palate killer.  The carbonation is complementary and the Weiss is nice. `Brett` is not an addition we claim knowledge of but this is a well-balanced beer that is really more-ish. Magic! It rocks! err, etc.
el Scores on el Broady doors . . . .
Danny - 8           Mike - 8.5

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