Saturday, 21 December 2013

Halcyon (7.4%) - Thornbridge

Lots of chat about in 2013 about whether award-laden Jaipur is the world`s best beer or if it is actually a pale supermarket shadow of what it once was (circa 2007 @ Coach and Horses) but don`t mess with Halcyon!

Thornbridge is a superior stylised brand that some traditional ale drinkers shun due to their top of the table prices. That said, from their Bakewell base, these brewers make a decent crust with wares available in cask, keg or bottle, worldwide by mail order. All of Bakewell`s bests are available in bottle but Halcyon stands at the top of the tree, and maybe St. Petersburg is a valiant runner-up. This Imperial IPA weighs in at 7.4% (was more pre-tramp tax) and is full of flavour. A citrus aroma shoots out of the bottle and develops into a floral fest. Grapefruit dominates on the nose but the sweet and sour fruit hit balances well with the big hop bitterness. Strong, but no overly boozy bang out of this bottle, pouring an innocent yellow/gold belying the Imperial power within. Crazily drinkable for a 7.4%er.

Hop heaven may well be offered by Jaipur for some palates but this brew is a step ahead. Kipling is now above the flagship ale in twobeergeeks` book but Halcyon is a seasonal delight that always delivers, by mail or other….

Score - MiKE - 9

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