Friday, 21 February 2014

Reverend & the Makers American Brown (5%) by Thornbridge

Torrid times in the music industry. DLT and co have been hauled over the coals and trialled in public and ar Alex Arctic Monkey divided opinion at the Brits with his debated `drunken druggy` speech (copyright Daily Mail et al) which wor actually a sardonic satire of celebrity GB. If only our stars would do something more worthwhile and earnest with their (a lot of) spare time. Cue Mr. Cosens!

Ed Cosens is the guitarist with seminal Sheffield band Reverend and the Makers who, when his hands are idle, is also a keen home brewer. Last year RatM / Ed tried their hand with Bakewell`s best and conjured up their successful (and previously blogged) Summer Ale but this time we have a more Heavyweight brew but is it a Champion?

American Brown smells invitingly smokey, bitter and malty, like the famed blue-starred North East ale that was once the sponsor of the Toon. However, this ale pours a richer, more mahogany deep red/brown colour than the Dog did and is topped with a lively but manageable head.

The caramel malty sweetness is expertly balanced here with a touch of hoppy bitterness culminating in a really drinkable 5% ale. (Same again, please.) Personally, I did not like the art work on the bottle labels, not up to Thornbridge standards, but it is faithfully themed on the band`s latest release, I believe.  American Brown is a brand new release from busy Bakewell, (purchased at Mitchell`s) and we look forward to seeing how it weighs in and matches up on keg and cask(?) but, on this showing it is a heavyweight homebrew hit!
The Score
RatM American Brown 8.5 / 10

  • A hit. An Ed contender possibly. Any chance of a 12% Bring Me The Horizon breakfast stout, Bakewell?!

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