Monday, 17 February 2014

Sublime Chaos Breakfast Stout (7%) by Anarchy Brew Co

Wise man say, Sundays ought to start with a hearty breakfast. Beer geeks say that Sundays really ought to start with a hearty breakfast stout and here`s one of the very best served up at The Broadfield.

After a couple of canny casked pints of SWB`s Diablo (a mere 6%er and one of our best pints of 2013), Chaos reigned. I sagely saved this until after (an excellent) Sunday lunch of curried squash, okra and cashews, seeing a stout as an ideal dessert for the pudding-phobe. To be fair, pretty much the whole family (little ones not included; it is 7%!) sampled this special which was highly lauded by the bar-man - "It is very strong, you know!" and, wow, what a beer. The Broadfield really seem to go out of their way these days to get something special on their keg lines and this is a real case-in-point. Recently, there has been a gooseberry saison (from Red Willow) and a sourdough special from Kernel plus there is often a really strong IPA from one of the better brewers so think more extreme/ on the  (Nether) Edge than safe and middle of the (Abbeydale) Road. (Note to self - don`t use too many brackets (ever again)).

Sublime Chaos is a 7% kegged ale produced by the Anarchy Brew Co of Morpeth in the North-East of England. Having previously been interested, but not completely sold, on their beers (Smoke Bomb at The Continental springs to mind), this one really impressed. Multiple malts abound but the quality of coffee really stepped forward for me. Apparently, natural Ethiopian Guji beans were utilised and they certainly linger pleasantly on the palate. New Zealand hops are also in there somewhere and thankfully the carbonation and sweetness are equally subtle. A beautiful malty / smoky balanced brew.

The whole family left well happy with their food and drinks. Personally, I had had sufficient sustinence to resist the call of the fantastic Hop Hideout next door for once even though it was advertising . . . ..  Founders` infamous Breakfast Stout!

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