Monday, 13 October 2014

The Beagle, Marble Beer House & The Parlour, Chorlton

Beery bods nationwide descended on Manchestor this weekend heading for the lauded Indy Man Beer Con. I was a few miles South of the mark!

Chorlton is a lively leafy suburb in the South of the city and there is an abundance of options for a night-out there. We started at The Parlour which seemed to have a nice mix of the traditional and modern, kind of a shabby-chic vintage vibe. There were half a dozen cask ales to choose from plus the usual suspects on keg. and I enjoyed my Red Willow Seamless here. At 3.6% this pale ale was a sensible starter (for once) and it was well kept with sufficient hops to interest the palate. These Macc lads are consistently very good to be fair and we enjoy seeing their ales around the Steel City too.

From the outside, The Beagle didn`t look like my cup of tea:-

The pub was pretty busy though and I was very pleasantly surprised at the selection therein. They had four handpulls plus an impressive board of ten keg products dispensed discreetly from the rear of the bar.  The kegs were nearly all from big hitters like Siren (Shattered Dreams at £9 a pint, similar to Rutty), Kernel and a SWB house beer. My OH opted for a First Chop coffee IPA (3.5%) and I enjoyed my Arbor NZ Pale which at 4% was nicely crisp, floral and hoppy. Convention would suggest that coffee works well with malty brews but credit to First Chop for errr, trying something different.

Last stop was the boozer I`d been hoping our guides would take us to- The Marble Beer House. Not as aesthetically pleasing as Danny`s fave The Marble Arch, however this place had the range of Marble ales that still quite possibly represent Manchestoh`s premier pints. Between us, we had them all: Chocolate, Ginger, Pint and Dobber plus the collab with Beermoth and a shared bottle of Earl Grey IPA.

Our gang of four all had different favourites but mine was the bottle which was £4.95 and decent value compared to £5.50 for a Jaipur at The Beagle. Chocolate Marble on cask was popular too. I`m looking forward to visiting central Maanchestor in a month or two and Chorlton was certainly a winner.

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