Saturday, 25 October 2014

The Maltings (and others), York


Now then, we all know that Sheffield is the real real ale capital of Britain, really, but there are other places that might be worth a look. York is one such place, located to the North of the Republic.

A fifty minute train transit wasn't too painful and made all the easier knowing that the York Tap was awake and awaiting. I enjoyed my hard-earned Hop Dog, a 5.5% quaffable brew from another republic known as Sunny. This boozer out-does the Sheffield Tap on cask offerings with an impressive twenty although keg and bottle is broader in the steel city. Both boozers stand-out with their gorgeous interiors. Less Tapped Brewery beers in York though and thereby way more cask choice.

The Maltings was next stop and boy has the place altered since I last visited it in the Noughties. My comrades ate here and were well-satisfied with the pre-footy foody fare whilst the beer range was tidy tackle too. I wasn't over-keen on my Roosters brew whilst the Black Sheep specials impressed others in our group. Best for me though was Red Willow's Directionless (4.2%) on keg and The Macc lads rately err in our book.  Tasty, though it was snubbed by some of our growing  group for being keg. That's not real!

The York Arms is a Sammy Smith's pub that does not disappoint. Plenty of err, enthusiastic, err  older drinkers out early drinking plenty and the Best at £1.80 was difficult to argue with.

Post-match pints were located at The Three Legged Mare. This is a tap for the York Brewery and it proved popular with a range of early evening drinkers. My York IPA was steady whilst the Dark Star Hophead disappointed a bit, as it has done lately tbh. However, 12 cask lines and a few Premier league keg devils provided ample pintage for post Bootham Crescent boozers.

After the Mare we Legged it to the train and my evening ended with a visit to the Sheffield Tap and a first try of Magic Rock's Pognophobia . A memorable end to a decent day's drinking. 'Same but different' our Hudd heroes have heralded and this could apply to York, the two Taps and also the Pog pint. Try them all!

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