Sunday, 14 December 2014

Hand Drawn Monkey takeover @Brew Dog Sheffield

Hand Drawn Monkey are one of several great breweries that hale from the Hudd. Occasionally their ales have popped up on cask at discerning Steel City outlets like The Sheaf View and Shakespeares but last week they did a tap takeover at BrewDog Sheffield.

Both the Smaller and the Shadwell IPA (4.7%) were pretty good. Having only had HDM on cask previously I was a little underwhelmed by these two keg efforts. They were fine but nowt outstanding. Shadwell was fine and unfined and vegan friendly!


Señorita Beta did stand out though. Mexican yeast was used the helpful barkeep informed me and the dominant taste is from Kaffir Lime leaves. At 5.4% this is a very drinkable brew made in collaboration with Bexar County. The clip is a nice tilt towards the Stella branding and so linking with the brew name. Geddit? I rarely try lager but this cerveza was especial. And not super fizzy. Intiendo amigo?

Hold on, it was the stronger ones that  I was really looking forward to. We know HDM can brew hoppy but what about `specials`. Kir Royal is a 9%er so I was happy enough with a third of it but I would have happily had more. It's fruity with a slight sourness. I liked the red wine elements which come through in a warming sort of way. A hazy hit for me. Brew 100 is an 11% barley wine. I liked it. Enough hops to ensure it was not too wine like and the Sauvignon comes through nicely. By this point I had bumped into blogger nonpareil  Claire. (not literally although I did 'miss' the kerb on exiting Brew Dog!) and she quite intrigued with both beers too posing the question, "when does beer become wine?" And where better to ponder. Cheers BrewDog Sheffield and Claire!

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