Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Wyoming Sheep Ranch (8.4%) - Buxton Brewery

It has been a good year for the Buxton boys and here`s one of their many tremendous ales from 2014.  Wyoming Sheep Ranch (we`ve come a long way since the days of ales called stuff like Busty Brenda`s Best, etc, eh?) is part of the Special Reserve series (No.5 apparently) and weighs in at a whopping 8.4%.

Wyoming Sheep Ranch is the sort of beer that quenches the thirst then restores energy and resolve after a hard day`s work, probably chopping trees down whilst battling against the elements. Do they have trees in Wyoming? I've not been recently. Probably do.  I'm pretty sure that they have some sheep though so maybe it was a sweaty day with the ewes, shearing 'n' that. Whatever, in my mind, everyone is wearing check shirts. And old Skool beards. Mebbe Mounties in the distance (I know that's Canada!).

Wyoming Sheep Ranch is a double IPA at  8.4% ABV. It has a hazy orange body with an enduring off-white head and the aromas are dominated by resinous pine. It's the wonderful outdoors and on a fresh day at that. This one is more drinkable than most DIPAs although the suitably bitter aftertaste is both complex and long lasting. Mouthwatering.

All this is packaged delightfully by Buxton who are certainly amongst Britain's beery best for 2014.  Renowned for Axe Edge, they sure are sure-footed when it comes to the hoppy brews that us two beer geeks rely upon and, this year, they have added an array of well-balanced offerings from all corners of the beeriodic table including some inspiring and ground-breaking collaborations.

Collaboration Carnage (with To Ol)

Yellow Belly (a peanut butter biscuit stout, allegedly...)
Our only quibble about this brewery has been their apparent rarity in Sheffield in spite of the relative proximity. Many of Buxton`s beers are headed straight for the big smoke or to the far flung corners of Europe but, thankfully, they have been sighted more regularly recently at the likes of The Rutland, The Sheffield Tap and Shakespeares plus they are popular off-licensed offerings at Sheff City specialists like Hop Hideout and Beer Central. Here`s to more abundant Buxton in 2015! Hats off to the High Peak hop heads!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the beers, look out for the next special yellow belly and barrel project beers we're throwing out in the next month!