Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Ale Tales from the Seven Hills #6 - Awards Exposed

Ok, belated ponderances regarding the Exposed magazine awards; This is the self-styled 'Sheffield's Ultimate Entertainment Guide'. A few residents of our Steel City were a tad upset / bemused / obfuscated by some of the choices, voted for by the, err, man on the street....
Perusing the April edition, beyond the Toddla T front cover, we start with two pages of adverts for `Drop Dead` (this is the 'uber cool' clothing outlet brought to you by Olly Sykes / Bring Me The Horizon, I believe). Read (or , let's be truthful, scan) a bit further on and, lo and behold, DD are up for awards in FOUR categories this year. Take it all with a pinch of salt! (Not a reference to the Piggy-obsessed at the Milestone # best out of town restaurant, honestly!).

 Having lived in Egypt prior to Sheffield, I could be forgiven for being a touch sceptical about voting procedures per se,  and so I'm sure that, in this multi-media age, no one need delve too deeply to find ways to ' influence' society's winners in the public eye. Not particularly IT- interested , I have four e-mail accounts and access to a couple of others, plus Twitter web and whatnot.
Anyhows,  of at least equal value to the aforementioned, we present --
 The ultimate twobeergeeks' random awards:-
Best toilets - This one goes to Henry's! Classic (Irish?) sinks and tiles aplenty. This bar has about loads of handpulls on offer of consistent quality and a toilet that is the envy of many. We had a big job choosing this one...
Best pub food - it's gotta be .... Shakespeare's! Yep, that ole 2BG favourite. Several sandwich stylings available at a mere 70 new English pence, about half the price of similar in a nearby reputedly reputable (multi award-winning) Tavern. 
*conscious note to self - do not mention Sheffield CAMRA's Top 20.
Most interesting wallpaper - voting tied here. Both the Cross Scythes  (Derbyshire Lane) and the Tap and Tankard take a bow. Feature wall coverage nonpareil. Well done.
Beer & wallpaper lie within
Best affordable house beer by a local brewer - Chris Bamford's Shakespeares stand up again for their ultra-reliable Deception. At just £2.40 per pint, this Abbeydale core range King is cheaper than tap water at the Wig and Pen. Maybe.
Like water but holy
Best tapas by a bar or pub - fighting off the Dog and Partridge, it's the new kids at great place .... The Beer Engine.

 Finally, it's the big one ; Best looking yet often uncomfortable furniture in a pub near to Kelham Island - Shakespeare's.
Comfort aided by beer

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