Wednesday, 11 May 2016

DIPA Battle of 3 Counties - Cloudwater DIPA v3, Magic Rock Human Cannonball & Buxton Kingmaker

Straight up head-to-head here. The Double IPA seems to be de rigueur at the moment, or is it now a little passé? No (unhuman) triples allowed today. Anyhows, big breweries represented with Cloudwater from Manc-side, Magic Rock from the Hudd of West Yorkshire and also the Buxton boys from the heights of Derbyshire. All three are lauded and awarded and respected but which one knocks out the best DIPA for the Spring season 2016? Beer is so damn fashionable, eh?!

3 likely suspects

First up the much hyped Cloudwater DIPA v3. Big smell of peach on the nose showcasing superbly the aroma hops here which are comet, mosaic, chinook and, of course, citra. A healthy haze appearance with fantastically fruity taste and daftly drinkable at 9%.  Wow. £4.25 from Beer Stop, Dronfield. No wonder these Cloudwater chaps shift their product so swiftly; It`s not all hype.
I`m going 8/10

 Kingmaker by Buxton Brewery next. Smelling strong no disguise really for the 10.5% brew. Alcohol hits the nose but a tad musty, rustic. A much grittier taste than the previous brew and also doesn`t nail the bitter sweet aspects that can be so captivating in DIPAs. Still tasty mind but less drinkable. Unfiltered but clear as a bell instantly which surprised me with a thin boozy head. Tasting more rounded as it warms a touch from fridge. Nice and hefty.  Preferred this to barrel-aged Double Axe but not Buxton`s best. Noteworthy name, `Kingmaker`, with cool labelling and a battle cry quote, probably off of Shakespeare. Or Game of Thrones. Cost unsure but from Hop Hideout, probably.
I`ll go 7/10

 Finally it`s Human Cannonball by Magic Rock Brewing. Instantly more citrus aroma here. Very powerful and spring-like. Embodies the beautiful haze that I want. Fresh as with a bitter sweet balance to die for. Lingering bitter taste with bit of booze, slowly warming on the aftertaste. Drinkable, almost swiggable and 9.2%. Costing £3.95 in a craty can from Beer Stop, Dronfield. Last certainly was not least tonight!
Winner. 9/10

Cheers. Stay safe out there.

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