Saturday, 28 May 2016

Small Batch Series #1 Waen at the Broadfield

Now then. Is beer science or art? We offer, no assert, the latter because, although colloidal stability and whatnot might well be fascinating banter in the labs, in the real world it is certainly not. Dull, dull, dull.

Beer should be music in the mouth. Collaborations were de rigueur in music-land and then, sure enough, in ale they were in abundance. `Limited editions` are a muchly-collected musical thing and now breweries produce `small batch brews`. With me? And so blogs...

Twobeergeeks shall henceforth and forthwith produce the occasional blog bit but with less wordage. Think All Day IPA; kind nice really just a taste of what you would normally read, I mean drink. Idea for this can be blamed (or credited?) / apportioned upon Magic Rock (fantastic small batch brews) not upon the fact that we have little time what with jobs, kids `n` that making writing oft muy difficile. Honest.

Small batch, big taste
Anyhow, Test brew really. Writing this in the Broady; great pub but not been in for a bit (see above excuses / reasons) and, this time last week, I was drinking a can of Guinness at Laycock`s at a 5th birthday party. Yay. The Waen Brewery 54 46 is good though. Low-ish ABV, drinkable with a nice calm body. Their beers seem to hit the spot better from cask than bottle I`ve found and the Pamplemousse from their Llanidloes taphouse takes some topping. 54 46 keeps its head well, clear and fresh. Hoppy enough to retain interest (summit and others, I think). Other folk seem to say `Way-en` but I say `wine`. Correct answer from head honcho Sue Hayward hopefully. Or Plaid Cymru. Cheers.


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  1. Well there. only just seen this! And well done, it 'wine' x