Friday, 1 March 2013

Cwtch by Tiny Rebel

This was my choice from many sampled at the Derby Winter Beer Festival held at the Roundhouse last weekend. I understand that this is a new brewery operating in South Wales and I`d had a tip-off that they were worth a try. All three of their festival offerings that I tried were good but this one was a bit special. It was red in colour and 4.6% but you couldn`t help but be surprised by the initial flowery hit on the the palate with a more complex aftertaste. Very tasty and reminded us of Magic Rock`s Rapture in some ways but not in others. Quite spicy, just the job for a Winter Beer in my opinion, yet still pretty hoppy. I think `Cwtch` means `cuddle` or something similar in Welsh and it certainly left me feeling warm inside!
Mike`s Score - 9 Danny`s Score - 8

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