Saturday, 23 March 2013

Billabong - Tiny Rebel (4.6%)

I first sampled this last month at the excellent Derby Winter Ale Festival which was held at the beautiful Roundhouse and liked it. It was one of the better beers on a day of good beers. However, as my notes and recollection are somewhat `hazy`, it might have been  Tiny Rebel`s Full Nelson that I tried.

However, I revisited Billabong yesterday at Shakespeares  in Sheffield. I`d heard that it was about to appear at the pub and an unexpected `snow day` afforded me the chance to grab an afternoon hour or two in the Kelham Island area. Billabong was probably the pick of the 5 ales I sampled with nothing really hitting the spot in The Harlequin or the esteemed Kelham Island Tavern. (Arbor`s Hoptical Illusion (also from the Shakie cellar) was very competitive though).

Thankfully, manager Chris retrieved a pint of Billabong for me straight from the cask and I was not disappointed. The `summery` aroma was a bit of a contrast to the freezing weather outside but then it is a South Wales showcase for Australian hops. Brewed in Newport, Gwent, Tiny Rebel aim to `defy your senses` and this 4.6% brew certainly does pack a punch. Very hoppy and lighter than the lovely Cwtch, it is well quaffable, whether you`re in a snowbound Steel City or having a bbq in scorching Summer Bay. Tiny Rebel are HOT!

Danny - I've tried several Tiny Rebel beers now and have been impressed with them all. Definitely a brewery I will be looking out for from now on.

Mike`s Score - 8.5
Danny`s Score -8.0

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