Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Twin Peaks - Sierra Nevada & Thornbridge Collaboration. ABV 5.0%

Twin Peaks - A Sierra Nevada/ Thornbridge Collaboration 5.0% ABV
Sierra Nevada is one my favourite American Craft Breweries so this was a beer I've been looking forward to trying since first hearing about it in The Cross Scythes. Luckily Tom wasted no time at all in getting it on the bar. It's brewed using Sierra Nevada's hops and British malts with Thorbridge's Wild Swan in mind. A light golden colour with a clean crisp bitter finish finish and notes of grapefruit and citrus, not unlike Sierra Nevada's Pale Ale. I really enjoyed it and the only negative thing I can say about is the whopping price tag of £4.60 a pint! I've been told that Thornbridge are making less per pint on this than they usually do and it's due to the cost of importing the American ingredients.
Danny's Score 8.5 Mike's Score 8

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