Thursday, 11 April 2013

Bramling (4.5%) by Tapped Brew Company

The Sheffield Tap has recruited a long list of plaudits since it opened some 3 (?) years ago and it has now added a brewery named `Tapped`. With Sheffield already having a dozen or so breweries this could be seen to be a brave step albeit one built upon firm foundations on Platform 1b.

I went in search of weird and wonderful ales whilst showing a friend, who had never visited The Tap, the magnificent new room which was added a couple of months ago. With three Tapped ales taking prominence on the bar, albeit next to the hand-pull alcoholic apple juice, their big pump clips rudely demanded that we sample their wares.

I liked Bramling. It was unremarkable but, at 4.5%, it was not at all dull. Nice and clear to look at and very easy to drink sat comfortably in resplendent Edwardian surroundings. Ae a run-of-the-mill bar, I would happily have supped a few of these but there is always so much choice at The Tap that you can`t help but suffer the child-in-sweetshop syndrome! I certainly preferred it to the Tapped attempt at an IPA (Bullit) which was not my bag at all. However, they are one of the very newest breweries in the Steel City so a return ticket is surely in order.

Mike`s Score - 7

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