Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Amarillo IPA (7.5%) - Weird Beard

The Weird Beard Brew Company operates out of Hanwell, West London and the former home brewers have quickly established a solid reputation. A recent allegiance with key-keg kings Brew  Dog has resulted in Beard beers appearing in more and more bars around the capital.
The Amarillo IPA (part of their single hop series) was indeed procured at the sort of price that the Aberdeen anarchists would approve of at £6+ a pint, so a half was an apt choice given the county we`re in. There was plenty of zest and zing in this brew although there was also a little too much carbonation and too obvious an alcohol hit on the palate for my liking.  In these respects, this brew reminded me of a 10% Anarchy ale I sampled at the same venue recently. A very decent hoppy brew that does a fair job of showcasing the amarillo hop but also a good example of how keg can limit the depth and complexity that could have been offered if this beer was served from a cask. Thankfully, The Broadfield does offer an admirable selection on cask as well as kegged ales. The influence of American `craft ales` is clear with the Weird Beard.
Mike`s Score - 7

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