Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Green Hopped IPA (6.5%) - Dark Star

English hops quite often are bullied by their tastier Stateside brethren and can appear meek and mild when compared to our antipodean outcasts; hops from the U.S.A. and from down-under dominate many ales that we sup in Blighty. Traditional English hops (e.g. fuggles, challenger, etc.) can often disappoint lacking the complexity and taste of those from warmer climes.  However, late Autumn heralds a time of year for fresh, hoppy British ales. Green hopped beers afford brewers the chance to really showcase the taste of a hop for a month or two at least.

Dark Star Brewing Company do deservedly have a very good reputation even in Sheffield, so far from their Sussex base. A fresh pungent aroma is quickly offered and GHIPA is certainly fresh. Grassy and citrus with no massive hit of alcohol in the taste despite the hefty 6.5% ABV. Personally I found it reassuring (and surprising to be honest) and that it was possible to produce such a beer using `fresh English hops`. However, a little bit of research informed me that Simcoe and Target were the main hops used, although I do believe that the former is an American variety - ?

This Dark Star ale is dangerously drinkable and does not disappoint. I was lucky enough to track it down at The Ale House (on Fraser Road, Sheffield) which is a free house that has been quietly growing since opening in August 2011. Formally known as `The Sheaf`, this pub might not be the easiest to track down but, then again, neither is Dark Star`s Green Hopped ale and that didn`t disappoint!

Mike`s Score - 8/10

Millseats` best boozer?!

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  1. I will search Dark Star out it sounds like a good brewer.