Friday, 22 November 2013

Pirate Badger Attacks! (7.8%) by Arbor & Brew Dog

Another week, another collaboration but this one is a union of a couple of hoppy heavyweights. Representing Scotland, Brew Dog are self-styled anarchist brew punks with a stylised image that courts haters and fanatics in equal (expensive) measure. From the South-West, Arbor have produced some stand-out ales with 2013 being their best year to date. Pirate Badger Attacks was never going to be dull!

A hefty 7.8% ABV ought to scare off most lost boys and then there`s the coconut black IPA label to prepare for too. Lots of taste surely but a difficult balancing act. We walked the plank taking the plunge with a full pint each at Shakespeares. PBA pours dark brown with an off-white head. Aroma is hoppy ahead of faint coconut and the taste is similar. Thankfully the coconut does not overpower this brew and, whilst it tastes strong, it`s not too boozy on the palate although it does get more gloopy towards the bottom of a pint. Enjoyable but one was enough. Some other nice beers were on show too including a Muirhouse Mango Man and Brew Company`s award winning IPA but Pirate Badger Attacks was certainly the most memorable.
Danny`s Score - 7
Mike`s Score - 6.5
(Especial mention for the creative clip design courtesy of Chris Bamford, Manager at Sheffield`s pub of the year!)

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